Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Things I Am Doing Today

1. Wearing my new blue dress.
2. Wearing some new blue nail varnish.
3. Going into Cambridge for the day.
4. Going to the Fitzwilliam to see the Tomb Treasures of Han China, which was spectacular.

Gold seal
Jade dragon ornament

5. Having lunch with my mama and finding our waiter was the most beautiful man I've ever seen in real life. Seriously, he was so pretty I could barely stumble out "Bacon and brie panini and a Diet Coke, please" without bursting into tears when he looked me in the eye.
6. Going to the Anthropology and Archaeology museum, which is also an utter delight.

Can I move in here?
7. Listening to Paul Simon's Graceland for a World Music class and drowning in white guilt for enjoying it so much.
8. Having a barbecue and eating strawberries. Yeeerrrmmm.
9. Packing for a weekend trip to Scotland.
10. Reading Erin Morgenstern's The Night Circus. I'm on page 70. So far: intrigued. Reminds me of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell.

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