Friday, 18 January 2013

Kate Moss for Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick - 101 & 107

So, I'm not a fan of Kate Moss, but I am a fan of lipstick, and as it happens I like these ones quite a lot.

 The matte red and black tubes look classy and expensive and feel good to touch, as well as relatively sturdy. The slanted caps with the Rimmel crown are cute. I can even ignore the obnoxious heart on KM's signature. (Seriously, lady is 39 years old. Most people grow out of doing hearts by 16. Okay, maybe I can't ignore it.)

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

DIY: Painted Make Up Brushes

This post on A Beautiful Mess inspired me to make these fun, cute custom make up brushes. This was a reeally quick'n'easy project but it makes my bathroom cabinet look so much more put together and stylish! I love that my brushes are a matching set now, instead of the mishmash of collected colours and brands I had before.

You'll need:

A handful of make up brushes you want to perk up

Masking tape


Base colour paint

Top colour paint - or do like I did and use a Sharpie

A paintbrush 

Monday, 14 January 2013

Ailsa's Many Thoughts About Golden Globes Outfits

Awards season, you guys!!! Dresses that cost more money than I will ever earn in my lifetime! Droopy boobs, ugly lipstick, ill chosen shoes! It is all so exciting.

Adele: pretty, but the same thing she always defaults to. Just because she's bigger doesn't mean she always has to wear black and cover up.
Amy Adams: prettyish dress, dreadful non-colour. Boring.
Emily Blunt: almost. The colour seems a bit off. Too yellowy beige?
Helen Mirren: Great shape on her, but I wish the studs didn't go all the way down the sleeves.

Came dressed as a grubby knock off Oscar:
Emily Blunt
Still the Queen: Helen Mirren

Jennifer Garner: gorgeous shade of red, everything else totally standard.
Jessica Alba: super pretty hair and jewellery, dress and bag chosen by a committee of 7 year old girls. Love her lipstick.
Kelly Osbourne: made her dress herself out of old bras.
Amy Poehler black suit: she is PARFAIT. I'd kill for that necklace. Great shoes.
Jessica Chastain: LOVE that beautiful colour but her boobs are melting.

Everybody loves parfait: Amy Poehler
Half melted mint sorbet: Jessica Chastain