Saturday, 6 April 2013

Max Factor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint 01 Pink Petal - and, What I'm Wearing

Double post! Product review and an outfit selfie today. What lucky bunnies we are.

I picked up this Max Factor felt tip-style lipstain on a 3 for 2. The marketing promises that it "permeates the upper layers of the lips" (umm...!?) to create "kissproof" colour.

Swatched on my wrist in natural light:
above, a single stroke, below, a
built up layer.
To apply, like most felt tip style lip colours, this is pretty dry, and it needed quite a lot of scrubbing onto my lips to build up a colour. Afterwards they felt kind of tight, too - I put some lip balm on top. The colour is pretty, though!

Immediately post-application
However! I have a complaint. And it's a big one, considering that this liptint literally advertises itself as long-lasting on the side of the tube, because it is not long-lasting at all. At ALL. I didn't test its kissproofosity, but it had more or less worn off completely except at the very edges of my lips just from normal wear within a couple of hours. And that's been true of every time I've worn it. Pretty underwhelming, considering that is the one thing that a felt tip lipstain is supposed to do best. 

So, honestly, I would not buy this again. I'll keep wearing it until it's used (or more likely dries up), but I have actually had more success with the cheaper, similar Maybelline Colour Sensational Lipstains. Poor show, Max Factor.

On a brighter note, though: BONUS ROUND of What I'm Wearing! I'm wearing this, because the sun is out and that means it's springtime, temperature be damned. And what could be more springlike than pretty pinks and greens and yellows? Nothing, that's what.

This picture has been Instagrammed to death because the light source was behind me. Sorry not sorry.

Primark cream shirt, £9, still in stores. Topshop print skirt. Dorothy Perkins pretendy pearl and gold earrings.
Modcloth necklace. Scraggly old beige vest underneath to combat sheerness.

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