Monday, 3 November 2014

A new kind of dreaming spire: from Oxford to Abu Dhabi

It's been six weeks since I left Oxford, and unbelievably a month already since I upped and moved to the UAE, and I'm feeling nostalgic and introspective. I had a wonderful year at Oxford, and although it's pretty much the opposite in every way, I've had a wonderful month in Abu Dhabi too, and I'm feeling like I could make a home here. There are things to hate - but there are a lot of things to like here, especially in the "winter" (hahahaha) months while it's "cool" (hahahaha) enough to comfortably be outside (30C). I'm enjoying the blend of surprisingly familiar and new strange experiences. It's hard to imagine what I'll be doing a year from now, but I'm feeling optimistic. I came here ready for change and adventure, and change and adventure is what I'll get.

Here's some photos from my Abu Dhabi adventures so far!

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