Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Doom and Gloom and Cartoon Jumpers

It's super near the end of the semester and my brain is just constantly doing this now:

So let's have a nice quiet photo and gif filled kind of a post. Here is a bunch of stuff I've been wearing:

Cartoon jumper! Super on trend. Super cosy. Super fun. Super HERO. The POW! makes you feel badass and in control... the snuggliness makes you feel like you're in bed instead of a depressing lecture theatre. Win win. I got this for £14 in Primark a couple of months ago. Plus Maybelline eyeliner, Soap & Glory neutral eye shadow, Soap & Glory Lip Stick in Nudist. Expression of exhaustion.

 Flouncy light blue greyey dress with dark pink spots from Dorothy Perkins. In very soft focus for some reason. Deep purple cardigan. Ribbon/chain necklace. Undereye bags. Matched my lipstick to the dots on the dress, just because I could (Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter in 075 Lollipop).

Purple cardigan again, ASOS black skater skirt, Dorothy Perkins black blouse with white print. I actually haven't worn this blouse in probably eighteen months, so at least this makes me feel like I got my money's worth. Wet hair because why dry it when it's always raining (and/or hailing and/or sleeting)? Air of gloom. Pearl earrings and necklace. Closer look at the print on the blouse? It's a kind of leafy floral looking thing:
You think this is overexposed, but actually that's just
the colour that my skin is.
Later that same day, in a different place, once my hair had dried and my lipstick had rubbed off: 

And so we come to today. This is my attempt to dress myself out of my end of term slump and into a holiday spirit. It involves a lot of gold. Black cardigan, shiny gold vest, Topshop belt with metal loopy bits, vintage leaf necklace, (fake) gold and (fake) pearl earrings from Dorothy Perkins, black skater skirt, and if you're thinking it looks like I've been wearing this skirt an awful lot lately, that's cause I have been. Also today: sunglasses, fur trimmed coat from Primark which I got the beginning of last winter for £30 and have got SO MUCH WEAR out of. It's quite something.

I always worry that people are judging me if I wear sunglasses in winter, but you know what? I don't really care. It's sunny, so I am wearing sunglasses. Pretend I'm going skiing or something.

Yes, I am that girl with a Degas print. Shoot me.
 But where was I REALLY going? I was going here:

I know, right?

 Platt Lake is one of my favourite places in Manchester and it was suuch a nice day. I had a lovely walk. Of course I ENDED the day with a four pack of Dairy Milks (for a pound in Sainsburys!) in my dressing gown in bed watching Masterchef (best line that can never be topped: "This looks like the sort of dessert that a tacky hotel by a ringroad would serve at a cheap wedding full of regret") and falling down a deep dark treacle well of gifs, my new favourite things in the world.

 AND I've only eaten one of them (so far)! I am the champion of self restraint (so far)!

Mean Girls references made between Monday and now: 6

You and me both, girly.

 There's way too much stuff going on right now.


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