Friday, 14 December 2012

It's Raining Again, I Wore Sparkly Stuff

Saturday I went to visit a friend and dressed up pretty.

F&F Eye crayon in Starry Night - a metallic charcoal chunky pencil that goes on thick and dark and a tiny bit sparkly and lasts all day.

Modcloth An Educated Guest earrings. So sparkly and pretty and vintagey! And they were half price!

Vintage silver, crystal and pearl (look) brooch.

Scarf by Mary Katrantzou at Topshop. This was also half price! £30 instead of £60. Designer collaboration stuff NEVER usually makes it to sale. Win!


Wednesday I decided I was fed up waiting for an appropriate occasion to wear this necklace so I just wore it out to lunch with a friend. Suggestion: everyone should try eating Vietnamese beef pho soup with noodles with chopsticks while wearing a ridiculous piece of sparkly jewellery. It's really fun. This necklace actually looks pretty expensive, but it came from Zara, more in the hope that it would make me look like this:

than in the expectation that I'll ever have somewhere fancy enough to go to wear it to. Still, it makes me feel happy. This necklace is selling for £45+ on eBay now. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh my.

Sidenote: it's amazing how much more attractive than I actually am (not very) it's possible to look using Instagram. There is no reason for this pictures to be here except that it makes me feel pretty. Is there a way to put filters on my face in real life? I could use skin this flawless and glowy instead of blotchy and red all the time, thanks.

Make up: I was wearing Wet n Wild eyeshadow in Cherub, a very very light pink that goes on sheer and pretty, and Bare Minerals Liner Shadow in Sable, which is a powder eyeliner that I applied with a flat, dry, angled brush to make a light, soft liner look.

Today is raining and horrible and I have to leave the house because I have a meeting with my academic advisor. Also I slightly misjudged how much food I would get through before I go home for Christmas tomorrow, so I have nothing to eat, and I mean nothing.

I'm wearing this Billie & Blossom t-shirt for the first time today. It has a sort of flowery leafy colourful design on; it's not exactly my usual sort of thing, but I got it for £5 and it looks cute with a skirt and purple cardigan. Earrings were like £3 from New Look or something, but I love the minty green, and I'm wearing a necklace with a bird on it. Because IF YOU'RE A BIRD, I'M A BIRD.


Make up wise, I'm wearing Bourjois eyeshadow in 93 Tabac Blond, a metallic bronze, and my usual Maybelline Master Precise eyeliner, which is ever so slightly starting to fall prey to the usual drying out death of felt tip liners. I'm thinking I'm going to try a gel pot and brush type next, although they frighten me just a little.
This is my face, being frightened
of eyeliner.

Ugh. I have to go OUTSIDE now. This is what outside looks like right now. Thanks, Manchester. I'm thinking that because today is literally the most depressing day in the history of weather, I'm going to TREAT MAHSELF to a gingerbread latte and a salted caramel pecan bar in Starbucks. Also I have superglue on my hands and that makes me sad.

Our postman just came. He looks like the saddest, dampest man in the world. I'm going to be happy that that is not my job now. Phew. 

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