Wednesday, 19 December 2012

The One With All The Instagramming: London

Sooo I trundled off to London for the day to see the ballgowns exhibition at the V&A, and here are some pretty pictures! Everything is Instagrammed to death in case I have to give it up in January because they are being jerks. 

One of the galleries at the V&A:

Fancy pants entrance to South Kensington underground station:

A handsome Buddha from the Chinese gallery:

Exciting cakes in Patisserie Valerie in Knightsbridge, where we went for lunch (shut up, cakes are exciting):

A whole wall of pretty boxes and things at Laduree in Harrods:

Where I went for afternoon tea like a fancy lady! I had a Plaisir Sucré - "Almond meringue sandwich cake with crushed Piedmont hazelnuts, crusty praline, thin milk chocolate leaves, Chantilly cream and milk chocolate filling". Yerrm. I went to their bar on the Champs Elysee when I went to Paris for a weekend last month (I know, I kind of hate me too) and their macarons are also TDF. Didn't get any today, but they are just SO pretty and delish. No wonder the internet loves them.

Lovely twinkly Harrods Christmas lights! It's all so sparkly and festive. It's a shame their Christmas windows not only reinforce tired old patriarchal stereotypical gendered Disney princess crap alongside a large dose of fairly offensive cultural appropriation (seriously, WHAT is this Pocahontas? And Mulan? 1 EW and 2 did you miss the entire point of that film, give the girl some damn armour), they were also pretty-to-very tacky and ugly. Colour me not impressed. Still, twinkly sparkly lights:

Wandering through both the V&A jewellery rooms and the fine jewellery wing of Harrods makes mine feel kind of inadequate, although both today's earrings and necklace are a little bit fancier than usual. The earrings are these Charles Frederick Worth inspired silver and crystal bows from the Met Museum store. Since they're inspired by an evening dress dating from 1888, they seemed like an appropriate choice for a ballgown exhibition. Plus they're new and sparkly and Christmassy and fancy and exciting!

I recognise that these photos make my life look glamorous and interesting. Let me assure you that there is a wet cat rolling around on my lap right this second, i.e., it is not.

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