Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Fancy Christmas Weekend Face and Hands

Friday 21st: fun little last minute shopping trip with my sister. Topshop gold suede look dress, my mama's Accessorize scarf, a ribbon chain necklace, purple cardigan, peachy earrings. I'm wearing a MAC Paint Pot in Bare Study on my eyes. It's glorious. And I didn't have to pay for it, because it was given to me by my lovely friend The Moroccan Shopaholic.

I've been changing my nail polish approximately four times a day over Christmas weekend. I just get too excited about glitter, okay!? This was Models' Own in Dancing Glitter over Bourjois So Laque! 31 Bleu Violet. Sparkly!

Sunday 23rd: Wore a bright little red dress and road tested some self presents from Friday's shopping. I got these leaf earrings in the Oxfam shop. Some people are squicky about charity shop earrings, but I think as long as you clean them before you wear them it's totally fine. Plus, they were £1.99 and how can you argue with that? I think the leaves are festive! Although I have no idea what kind of leaves they are. Oak? Maple? Bay? Marijuana? WHO KNOWS?

I tried my NARS Hungry Heart blush duo, another lovely gift from Meriem, for the first time today. I haven't had a go with this yet because it's glittery and has some colour, and let's face it the last thing my face needs is to be more pink and shiny. But after dark in my own house seemed like the perfect time to try it out, and I liked it. It left a nice glow on my face, although a couple of times I caught sight of myself and thought I looked a bit flushed. It quite obviously didn't come out in my super awful after dark iPhone Afterglow-edited photos, though.

The necklace came from Topshop and has two tiny Christmassy stars on. £4 down to £2 plus student discount = £1.80. SCORE. The nail polish is Max Factor Nailfinity 222 Golden Peach with the same Models' Own as before.

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